Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for financial services, revenue and tax services, water and sewer billings, budget preparation and maintenance and purchasing services. We are responsible for preparation of strategic financial plans; the annual operating budget; the multi-year capital budget; all financial transactions, researching funding opportunities for the Township and appropriate record keeping; tax/water and sewer billing and collection.

If you are moving, or have changed your mailing address, please complete the “Change of Address” form below, and contact us immediately.

payment options

You can pay for you taxes and utilities using the following methods:

1 | Online Banking

If you own more than one property and/or utility account please ensure that SEPARATE payments are made to each account number and bill payee. For example don’t add your taxes and water together and pay them both to the TAXES payee or vice versa.

  • For water and sewer (utilities) payments, the bill payee to search and add is “MARMORA LAKE (MUN) UTILITIES” —> the account number is the 10 digit account number showing on your invoice/statement.

  • For tax payments, the bill payee to search and add is ”MARMORA LAKE TAXES” —> the account number is the property 19 digit roll number showing on your tax bill/statement.

2 | Monthly pre-authorized payments

Automatic withdrawal from a preferred bank account is available. To set up withdrawals please bring the following documents to Municipal Office:

3 | In person

There are 3 payment options available at the Municipal Office – Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm:

  1. Cash

  2. Interact

  3. Cheque, certified cheque or money order

4 | Mail

Cheque, certified cheque or money orders can be mailed to:

  • The Municipality of Marmora and Lake
    12 Bursthall St., PO Box 459
    Marmora, Ontario

5 | E-commerce

Use your debit or credit card using ePayment and follow the instructions to register.


You can pay for building permits, fire permits, rentals, etc. using mail, and in person methods.

documents + Forms

  1. Annual Financial Statements (2009-2017)

  2. Change of Address Form

  3. Taxes: Pre-Authorized Debit Form

  4. Utilities: Pre-Authorized Debit Form

  5. 2017 Budget Document: Final

  6. 2018 Current and Capital Budgets

  7. 2018-10-25-Sale of Land Public Tender