strategic plan development

The Municipal Strategic Plan will be a living document that staff will use to help direct the responsible allocation of resources. It will be a continuous process to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in municipal service delivery, help us provide the right programs, and ensure accountability to citizens, council and all stakeholders.

Performance measurement

We begin this process with stakeholder surveys; staff, the council (outgoing and incoming), and citizen. We will collect input from all residents of Marmora & Lake, including those who are homeowners, renters, and farmers, but we will also review and consider information from business owners, employees, and visitors.

The survey will be available online from September 20 to November 2, 2018. Paper copies of the survey will be available at Town Hall. We ask that anyone able to fill out the form online do so as it will streamline the analysis process.

What to expect in the citizen survey:

  • We will ask for some personal information so that we can understand the trends between different demographic profiles. We will not ask you to identify yourself.

  • We will ask you to rate our services and responsibilities in importance and satisfaction.

  • We will also ask you to rate:

    • your interactions with staff

    • municipal online services

    • communication and accountability

    • non-essential infrastructure

    • value for tax dollars

By taking your part in the citizen survey you will be informing us about what you feel are priorities, and how satisfied you are with the current delivery of those services.

Stakeholder analysis

What are the stakeholders telling us? To identify our strategic priorities, we will analyze the citizen surveys by looking at the "gap differential" between the rankings for the level of importance of service compared to the ranking of satisfaction for that same service. A larger "gap differential" means we need to re-evaluate how we are delivering that service.

The information gathered around the staff, online services, communication and accountability, non-essential infrastructure, and value for tax dollars will help us understand how ratepayers view public assets and allow us to make informed decisions on your behalf.

The staff and council interviews will help us allocate staffing responsibilities and identify efficiencies.

Click to view the Performance Measurement Report

Click to view the Performance Measurement Report

Environmental scan


Where are we now? We will evaluate the input from our stakeholders and articulate how we measure up to their expectations. Through this analysis we will identify the areas most in need of improvement, and where we see the most success. We will review plans that are currently in progress within the municipality and how they relate to our current environment.

Municipal goals & objectives

Where do we want to be? The municipal goals and objectives will lead us to identify the strategic priorities. This is when we can establish the strategic vision for the future.

Define the strategic priorities

What are we going to do? Once the goals and objectives are articulated we will identify the strategic initiatives necessary to meet our targets. This will help us define our corporate principals.

Department alignment 

Who is doing what? Each department will be accountable for the goals and objectives that align with their services and responsibilities.

Long-range financial plan

How do we pay for it? Using the information to date we can begin the process of outlining how these priorities develop financially over four years.

Key performance measures

How are we measuring up? Key performance measures will ensure improvement, accountability, and open communication year after year in municipal service delivery. We hope that once this process is established it will also encourage innovation in how we deliver those services.