candidate information


important information for candidates

  • The 2018 election will be held on October 22, 2018, during which time the positions of councillor (3), deputy mayor (1) and mayor (1) will be elected to serve for a four year period ending November 14, 2022. 
  • Nomination period opens May 1 and closes July 27 at 2 p.m. 
  • Nomination packages may be picked up at the Marmora and Lake Town Hall at 12 Bursthall Street from the clerk or administrative staff.
  • You must bring identification at the time of pick-up. 
  • Read your nomination package thoroughly and note that you must submit the signatures of 25 eligible electors in your municipality who support your nomination. Those endorsing your nomination must sign a declaration stating they are eligible voters as of that date. (This does not apply to those running for school board trustee)
  • Once the signatures are obtained, candidates are not required to provide them again, even if that candidate decides to run for a different position within the same municipality. 
  • Interested individuals wishing to register as candidates must ensure their nomination papers are filed within this time frame. Campaigning cannot begin until candidates have registered their nomination. 
  • Nomination fees are $100 for councillors, deputy mayor and school board trustee candidates and $200 for mayor. 

Campaigning in marmora and lake

  • The maximum campaign contribution to any one candidate is $1,200. The maximum contribution to all candidates is $5,000.
  • Candidates are allowed access apartment buildings, condominiums, non-profit housing co-ops or gated communities between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to campaign. Landlords may not prohibit tenants from displaying campaign signs in their windows. 
  • Candidates and third party advertisers are required to identify themselves on all advertisements and signs. 
  • Candidates must open a separate campaign account if they are receiving donations or campaign dollars from outside sources. If the candidate is not accepting money and is paying for his or her campaign by his or herself, a campaign account is not required but receipts and records of expenses are. 
  • Businesses may not contribute to candidates, however business owners may contribute under their own name. 
  • Campaign expenses for mayoral candidates may not exceed $7,500 plus .85 cents per eligible voter. For council candidates this drops to $5,000 plus .85 cents per eligible voter. 
  • Candidates may not use any municipal space for meetings or campaign work and furthermore may not post election campaign advertising at municipally owned or leased facilities. 
  • The use of municipal electronic devices or supplies, or staff time/assistance by candidates or third-party advertisers for campaign purposes is not permitted. 
  • Candidates and third-party advertisers are requested to not ask questions directly of municipal staff regarding the operations of the municipality for campaign purposes.
  • All questions should be posed in writing directly to the Clerk via email at
  • No candidate or third-party advertiser shall compel staff to engage in partisan political activities or subject staff to threats or discrimination for refusing to engage in such activities. 
  • Campaign signage may not be erected in the municipality until September 3, 2018 in accordance with our signage by-law. 
  • Signage may not be placed on municipal property or along provincial highways.