Public Transit adds a third run to Belleville

Central Hastings Transit is excited to announce that they are starting the third run to Belleville every weekday beginning September 4th.

For the Marmora/Stirling route, there is also a change to the current route which will now enable riders to travel to Stirling and Marmora from Belleville more easily. The new route will also allow travel to Madoc from Marmora and Stirling, which is essential considering the information about the availability of an x-ray service in Madoc starting at the end of September.


New schedules will be printed it on YELLOW paper to differentiate easily between the old and new schedules. 

Central Hastings Support Network will be re-stocking all the brochure holders throughout the area over the next few days including Madoc, Marmora, Tweed and Stirling.

"We are excited about this expansion of the transit service and value the support of all five municipalities, as well as our other funders, without which this service could not be provided."
- Sally Gale, Executive Director, Central Hastings Support Network

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