August 6, 2019: Mayors Report

Mayor O’Neill welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Marilyn Hoard and helpers for the refreshments and desserts. Mayor O’Neill advised that an appeal had been received regarding the rezoning application passed on July 2nd by the Planning Committee and has been forwarded to the LPAT by the Clerk.

Mayor O’Neill advised the public that Mags Landing Boat Launch was a problem over the weekend primarily due to a fishing tournament and advised that No Parking signs will be installed on Cordova Road.

Mayor O’Neill also advised that the Boat Launch on Dickey Lake is being reviewed and that the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority will have staff attending the site. She advised that legal action has been threatened against the municipality so there will be no discussion from Council on this matter.

Mayor O’Neill also announced her attendance at the following:

  • July 3rd, Meeting with Phil Spry regarding affordable housing project in Deloro

  • July 6th. 50th wedding Anniversary for Ross and Shirley Holland

  • July 8th, open house hosted by Phil Spry regarding affordable housing in Deloro

  • July 10-13th, AMO Interviews for new CEO

  • July 24th, Meeting with Mark Hanley to discuss economic development opportunities in Marmora

  • July 26th, Appreciation Picnic at Deloro Works Yard

  • July 29th, Meeting with John Wright of Northland Power and Premier Ford to review the status of the Pumped Storage Project

  • July 30th, Economic Development Meeting

  • August 1st, Emergency Management Program Committee meeting

Jennifer BennettComment