April 02, 2019: Mayors report from the minutes

Mayor O’Neill announced her attendance at the following:

  1. Emergency Management Training in Madoc Township

  2. Launch of Hastings County Branding in Madoc Township

  3. Ribbon Cutting ceremony of the Free Methodist Church

  4. Ecumenical Dinner of Sacred Heart Parish

  5. Board of Health Meeting

  6. Hastings County Council

Mayor O’Neill declared April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day and advised that April is Autism Awareness Month.

Mayor O’Neill advised that Pitch In week will take place the week of April 22-29th. If you have a road or area that you are interested in cleaning up, please contact Tonia Bennett, Municipal Clerk to register.

The bags can be placed at the side of the road and the municipal staff will pick them up. There will be bags and gloves supplied that can be picked up at the Town office once you have registered.