April 16, 2019: Mayors report from the minutes

Mayor O’Neill extended heartfelt condolences on behalf of the Municipality to the friends and family of Linda Bracken. A moment of silence was observed by those in attendance.

Mayor O’Neill announced her attendance at the following:

  1. April 3rd Budget Meeting

  2. April 4th AMO Board of Directors Meeting

  3. April 5th ROMA Rural Caucus Meeting

  4. April 11th AMO telephone conference on Provincial Budget

  5. April 12th ROMA Meeting Rural Caucus

  6. April 15th meeting with CVCA

  7. April 16th Hastings Local Housing Corporation Committee Meeting

  8. April 16th Hastings County Finance and Personnel Committee Meeting

  9. April 16th meeting with MP Mike Bossio

Jennifer BennettComment