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What is the Marmora and Lake Community Hub? 

The intent of the Community Hub is to be an accessible, welcoming and central area that provides essential supports and services to its residents through a mixed-use community space.

Our goal is to provide residents with an easy access point for services they may otherwise have to travel to Belleville, Trenton or elsewhere to access.


Goals and Objectives: 

  • To provide a wide array of services to residents that may otherwise be inaccessible due to the rural location of the community.
  • To create a warm and welcoming space that’s also functional and productive.
  • To welcome all people into the hub regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, social class or socio-economic status and to ensure the space is accessible for all.
  • To become a central access point in the community that achieves positive outcomes through public service.
  • To be broadly inclusive when considering what kinds of services and supports belong within the Community Hub and to strive to provide the best and most essential services.
  • To listen to the needs of the community and be accountable to the public.
  • To remain in the community long-term and provide consistent hours.

The Community Hub is scheduled to open June 2, 2017 and will host a grand opening celebration from 11 2 p.m. that day.


What does the space offer?

The hub offers three furnished office spaces, each with a desk, office chair and two meeting chairs. It also offers a conference room with a table and meeting chairs, as well as a projector and screen for presentations.
Each office is private and suitable for multi-use including confidential meetings with clients.
The building has full access to wi-fi. (Please note the library’s wi-fi is not considered a secure connection.)
There is no fee for organizations and services to utilize the space. There will be a small fee for businesses.


who's using the hub?

Currently there are a number of organizations that use the Community Hub. To access these services contact the business or organization directly to make an appointment.


Canadian Mental Health Association

Contact Jaime Campbell at 613-969-8874 ext. 229 or

Canadian Mental Health offers a wide range of support services including employment counselling through a return to work program, as well as support groups to assist with anger management, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide bereavement.


Addictions and Mental Health

Contact Becky Stark, Mental Health Counsellor, at 613-473-9914 ext. 1 or
Addictions and Mental Health Services offers counselling and support for substance, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health.


Mindful Journey

Contact Rev. Janice Chrysler, Spiritual Growth Facilitator, at

Mindful Journey was born with the purpose of helping others on their road to self-discovery by awakening spirituality in all aspects of their life practices with light, love and healing.  



Interested in using the hub?

Contact Jenn Bennett at 613-472-1515 or



Why doesn’t the municipality purchase and convert Earl Prentice Public School into a Community Hub?

Many residents have asked this question in recent months, and although council has considered this option, it would not be a viable option for Marmora and Lake’s taxpayers.

Deputy Mayor Linda Bracken visited the 2017 ROMA Conference where she learned of a similar situation in the town of Georgina, Ontario.

The municipal council in that community opted to purchase a school from the York Region School Board with the intent of turning it into a prosperous Community Hub. In the first year alone, the municipality spent more than $6 million bringing the building up to modern standards, and still needs to invest an additional estimated $1.5 to $2 million.

According to a report from municipal staff, Georgina had trouble filling its hub with tenants, and as a result, the hub has not been profitable and is costing taxpayers more than $300,000 per year. The building requires significant upkeep and is now an ongoing burden to the residents of Georgina.

With this is mind, Marmora and Lake council wants to ensure it makes a responsible decision that benefits the entire community.


What are the benefits of locating the Hub above the library?

The Memorial Building is a central location in our community and is already a familiar space to many of our residents. It offers an elevator for accessibility, three offices spaces and a conference room.

Additionally, operating the hub from this location isn’t costly to the taxpayer. The space is already municipally owned and heat and utilities for the space are covered within the overall budget for the building.