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Paperless Electronic Billing is here!

What are the top three reasons to sign up for paperless billing?

  1. Environmentally Friendly

  2. Don’t lose your bill! Plus you save the $10 fee to reprint if you need it in the future (like tax season).

  3. You asked for it! Through the citizen survey for the strategic plan you identified that you wanted your bills emailed!

Sign up and you will receive a PDF version of your utility (water and sewer) and/or tax bill delivered directly to your email account. The eBill will look exactly the same as your current paper bill.

To become more efficient and effective in the processing of Property Tax Bills and Utility Bills, the Municipality of Marmora and Lake will be offering residents the opportunity to receive these bills by e-mail instead of regular mail. There is absolutely no requirement to sign-up for this service. We understand that some residents may not be able to take advantage of this service due to limited connectivity or personal choice. We see this green initiative as a value-added service to residents of Marmora and Lake!


Once your eBilling service has been activated, your future bills will be electronically delivered to the email address you provided. Customers may sign up more than one utility or property account for eBilling.