Hydrant Flushing

HYDRANT FLUSHING ensures proper flows for firefighting as well as ensures a fresh supply to the residents. During hydrant flushing, sediment in the mains can be stirred up briefly causing dirty water. If this occurs please run your tap until the flow is clear. It is recommended not to do laundry during this period as it may cause stains on clothing.

The Municipality of Marmora & Lake Environmental Services will be flushing hydrants between the hours of 08:00-15:30 during the next two to three weeks beginning April 9th, 2018.

Your patience during this period is appreciated.

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake would like to remind the public that the QMS policy, as well as all annual water reports, are accessible on the Municipal website at www.marmoraandlake.ca

Thank You,
Victor Reid, Environmental Services Manager