marmora pumped storage

Northland is proposing a major project to convert the Marmora Mine property into a 400 megawatt pumped storage facility. The project would commit the site to long term clean energy production. 

Pumped storage stores and generates electricity by pumping water into an upper reservoir when energy demand and rates are low and then allows it to flow down through the same pump/generator system to generate electricity when it is needed by the grid. In addition to being very cost-effective, the completed facility will offer instantaneous power, providing important support for Ontario’s grid. Other benefits include the fact that it will produce no emissions and will offer potential for tourism and education when complete.

If approved, construction of the project will produce hundreds of direct and indirect jobs. Once complete, the facility will provided about 45 high paying permanent jobs.

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If you are interested in supporting the Marmora Pumped Storage Project please send a letter of support to the Municipality of Marmora and Lake 12 Bursthall St P.O. Box 459 Marmora ON K0K2M0. We will forward all letters of support to Northland Power, Province of Ontario and the Ontario Power Authority.

For more information contact

Typhany Choinard, CAO
Municpality of Marmora and Lake
613-472-2629  ext.2227

John Wright
Northland Power