Public Grills

Marmora & Lake have installed three new public grills along the Brian Goodchild Trail beside the Crowe River. You will find them at: 

  1. Memorial Park covered picnic area (coming soon); 
  2. Beside the Dam; 
  3. Meg's Landing covered picnic area, just south of the boat launch. 

Public grills are safe and a great way to meet fellow grillers, swap recipes, and enjoy our beautiful park space! 

Public Grill Tips

  1. Pack your tools. You will need:
    • grill brush
    • foil
    • paper or plastic bags
    • bristle brush or putty knife
    • cutlery and desired dishware
    • tongs and/or spatula
    • charcoal & starter
    • and of course your food!

2. Clean the grates before each use as best you can. 
3. Remove ashes and debris from the bottom.
4. Preheat grill before cooking. Give the grill grates another brushing and oil the grates for a nonstick surface.


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