Mag's Landing Boat launch concerns addressed by the Mayor

The Mayor has recently received complaints about inadequate parking at the Mag’s Landing boat launch along Cordova Road just outside the village.

Residents expressed concerns regarding the safety of the boat launch with it being a high traffic area for motorists with trailers attempting to park in the lot and along Cordova Road. It was suggested to the Mayor that the boat launch should be expanded to accommodate the overflow of vehicles.

In response to these concerns, the Mayor contacted the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority and Quinte Conservation for comment and also met with Manager of Environmental Services, Victor Reid. Both Reid and the Conservation Authority reiterated to the Mayor that the former decision to not expand the parking lot beyond its current size should be upheld. To clarify, the previous post implied this council had made decisions regarding the boat launch. In fact, on the August long weekend, the Mayor received complaints and observed the inadequate parking at the boat launch.

As part of his job duties, Victor Reid is responsible for drinking water quality for the municipality. With that in mind, he made the following statement regarding the boat launch:

“Although an expansion or alteration (to the boat launch) is not prohibited under the Clean Water Act, I do believe as the owner/operators of a drinking system directly downstream from the boat launch we should not expand this area.”

Reid also stated expanding the boat launch could increase the risk of contaminates entering the waterway and an increase of instances of fuel transfer on or near the water.

Reid said it is the responsibility of the municipality to “ensure that the drinking water remains of the utmost quality and free of instances where the health and wellbeing of residents is compromised.”

There are several documents available with reference to the Clean Water Act that outline risks to drinking water and source protection areas.

In an effort to mediate the issue and ensure safety along Cordova Road, council approved the installation of “No Parking” signs on the west side of the road in the vicinity of the boat launch. The signs will be installed when utility locates can be confirmed.

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