The Strategic Plan Performance Measurement Report is now available online

Click to view the Performance Measurement Report

Click to view the Performance Measurement Report

The Municipal Strategic Plan will be a living document that staff will use to help direct the responsible allocation of resources. It will be a continuous process to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in municipal service delivery, help us provide the right programs, and ensure accountability to citizens, council and all stakeholders.

In the council meeting held on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, the Performance Measurement Report was accepted as information by council and is now available on our website.

To identify our strategic priorities, we analyzed the citizen surveys by looking at the "gap differential" between the rankings for the level of importance of service compared to the ranking of satisfaction for that same service. A larger "gap differential" means we need to re-evaluate how we are delivering that service.

The information gathered around the staff, online services, communication and accountability, non-essential infrastructure, and value for tax dollars will help us understand how ratepayers view public assets and allow us to make informed decisions on your behalf.

The staff and council interviews will help us allocate staffing responsibilities and identify efficiencies.

The Performance Measurement Report is a summary of our findings.

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