Notice of Significant Weather Event in Marmora and Lake

After reviewing weather reports, and observing the current weather conditions, the Municipality of Marmora and Lake is declaring a significant weather event in the municipality, as defined within the Minimum Maintenance Standards Regulation Ont 239/02.

During the significant weather event, the Municipality of Marmora and Lake is advising motorists and residents to use extra caution as the municipality may not be able to meet its maintenance standards for roads and sidewalks due to the heavy snowfall expected. The declaration will not change how or when the municipality performs its winter maintenance operations. However, it may take the municipality longer than usual to bring the roads back to a state of repair. Public safety is the municipalities top priority. The Municipality of Marmora and Lake will provide updates, when the significant weather event has ended.

Contact Roads Department at 613-472-6940 if you have any issues or concerns during this significant weather event.

Kevin Hart, C.E.T., CRS-S
Manager of Transportation
Municipality of Marmora and Lake