School Surplus Roundtable Review

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On December 18th 2018 Council received a report from CAO, Typhany Choinard in regards to the school. The report outlined many infrastructure issues with the school property. It identified that $3 million dollars in facility repairs are required in order to bring the facility to standard. It also identified asbestos at the property. The recommendation from the CAO was to not submit an expression of interest on the school property.

Council received the report and passed the following motion “That Council defer the decision to the January 15th, 2019 meeting and direct staff to provide further information from the Building Department, Economic Development Department and Treasury.

Council also directed staff to organize a roundtable discussion with members of the community to learn the community’s position on submitting an expression of interest on the potential purchase of the Earl Prentice School.

A report will be brought forward to the January 15th meeting of Council for their consideration. Members of the public are encouraged to submit their input in writing, or as a delegation to Council. To attend as a delegation you must contact the Municipal Clerk by noon on Wednesday, January 9.

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The discussion tonight began with an equal number of residents on either side of the issue. Some felt strongly about purchasing the property while others were against council submitting an expression of interest for the Earl Prentice School. By the end of the presentation, and subsequent discussion, many of the people who had previously been in support changed their opinion. Two of the 18 participants were in support of fully moving forward. While others were still open to the idea of entering the expression of interest as there is no obligation to buy.

The participants invited to the roundtable were impressed with the quality and quantity of information provided. Many commented on how much better educated they felt following the meeting.

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