Recharge Marmora

The Municipality of Marmora & Lake requisitioned a plan to explore the development of tourism assets that may be implemented to complement the Marmora pumped storage project. This plan examined the potential economic impact these assets could bring to Marmora & Lake, Hastings County and the Province of Ontario. The Economic Impact of Tourism Development Associated with Marmora Pumped Storage report provides a roadmap of potential tourism investments and suggestions for implementation both before and once the Marmora pumped storage project has been approved.

This report was developed and written by A-FRAME CONTENT AND MARKETING in September 2014, a company of three local entrepreneurs: Leigh Nash, Andrew Faulkner, and Jennifer Bennett.

Recommendations were broken into three tiers, making their completion more attainable over time, and making the mine site accessible early on in the creation of the entire project. 

Tier One Recommendations

Tier One suggestions include the first steps that need to be taken towards site development, as well as lower-cost initiatives, some of which can be started before construction begins. These include:

  • Mapping out a multi-use trail system during site plan development. (Now complete)

  • Implementing rest area facilities for the duration of construction, including portable washrooms, vending machines and signage directing travellers to usable trails and providing information on the project’s progress.

  • Establishing the location of larger tourism infrastructure projects (parking lots, visitor centre site) in relation to the pumped storage facilities.

Tier Two Recommendations

Renderings done by Basterfield & Associates Landscape Architects

Tier Two suggestions build on the Tier One recommendations in order to build the site’s primary tourism infrastructure projects. These include:

  • Further developing multi-use trails.

  • Establishing a designated night sky area on the upper reservoir.

  • Establishing a campground and recreational facility at Mud Lake.

  • Establishing a visitor centre.

  • Building educational opportunities.

Tier Three Recommendations

Renderings done by Basterfield & Associates Landscape Architects

Tier Three recommendations build on Tier Two recommendations by outlining with projects that may be best undertaken once the majority of pumped storage construction is complete, and also offers options for future blockbuster projects. These recommendations include:

  • Further trail development inside the lower reservoir that will allow for fossil viewing.

  • Landscaping with native plants and/or the creation of botanical gardens.

  • Adding outdoor adventure with a zip-line.

  • Expanding the campground facilities at Mud Lake.

  • Establishing a national mining museum on the site.

  • Suggesting future projects.

The completed report was accepted at both municipal and provincial levels of government. The feedback the municipality received was especially receptive to the tiered process and steps were taken immediately to begin mapping out the property. 

Basterfield and Associates Inc., Landscape Architects were hired to flush out and improve upon the conceptual ideas from the report, which you can see below.