Request for service & complaint policies


Request For Service & Complaint Policies

If there is an issue you want the municipality to be aware of please follow this process to ensure staff can promptly and effectively address the problem.

Issues related to property standards

Please email or phone Gord Lever the municipal bylaw enforcement officer. Your email/message should include:

1. Your information

a. Name

b. Address

c. Phone number

2. Location of concern information

a. Name of owner or tenant

b. Address

c. Phone number

d. Nature of complaint

Once Gord receives this information he will address the issue and report back to the complainant. Depending on the nature of the complaint there is a prescribed time period for resolving the issue.

Issues related to service delivery

The request for service form should be filled out before a complaint form is completed. Once submitted, your request will be forwarded tot eh appropriate Department Manager for review.

The tracking information for the office includes:

1. Who received the request with the date

2. Who it was assigned to with the date

3. A brief description of the action to be taken

4. The date the issue is resolved and the request is closed

Complaint Form

If a request for service form has been submitted and the issue remains unresolved, then it is appropriate to submit a complaint form.

Policy Statement

This policy is intended to enable the Municipality of Marmora and Lake to promptly and effectively address program and service delivery complaints raised by members of the public. The policy will assist the municipality in providing excellent service to the public, and contribute to continuous improvement of operations. The Municipality strives to reduce customer dissatisfaction by providing a timely and accurate response to complaints and using complaints as an opportunity to improve program and service delivery issues.

Please read the complaint policy for more information.