Crowe River

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Crowe River is a beautiful stretch of water that runs from Crowe Lake. It has plenty of amazing canoeing and/or kayaking opportunities for people of all skill levels. A few options for more advanced kayakers or canoers are listed below, complete with a map showing road directions.

Crowe River Fish Hatchery, Class iii to v

Description: The Crowe River Fish Hatchery section is a short paddle, but the 6 rapids make it a very intriguing section of river. This is the type of river you run in the morning twice before heading down the road to Crowe Bridge. It starts at Cordova Lake. The first drop is a class V dam drop. It looks very intimidating with no real line and several nasty looking holes. Safety should be a must.

The next section is within meters of the first and is as equally challenging. It is good to get a look at these two rapids before gearing up as scouting can take a while.

The next rapid 3 rapids are class III’s with some fun waves and holes in them. The 2nd to last rapid the river splits, I have always taken river left, but have heard if others taken river right, just be aware. The final rapid also splits. The river to the left is more of a rapid where as river right is a falls. You can scout on any side of the river at this rapid. The falls can be quite technical depending on water flows and depth is unknown.

The Take out is to the right after the falls. Jump in the car and make another quick run of it before heading off. This section of river has been paddled when other rivers in the area were at minimal flows and is still a challenging set of whitewater.

Directions: This section of the river is located North of Highway 7. Starting in Havelock

  1. Take County Road 48. North out of Havelock.

  2. Before the town of Cordova, turn left onto Preston Road.

  3. Followed by a quick right onto onto Fire Route 18. Drive this road until the cottages stop on the left.

  4. Look for a park area and an opening in the trees. Then you should be able to see falls off to your left. This is the take out spot.

  5. The put-in spot is another 5 minute drive further North.


Crowe Bridge (Playspot), Class III To IV

Description: This well known play spot can get quite busy in the spring. Depending on levels, the amount of surfable waves adjusts. However, in lower water, there are nice waves 100 meters or so down river. In higher water, there are several waves for all boats, from long, flat, glassy waves, to steep crashing waves to holes. In higher water, the eddy access becomes more difficult to achieve, but with some practice, it is attainable. Note that at higher levels, swimming is not recommended, as down river there are rock shelves, as well as a low head dam. This play spot is great for spectators, as they can stand on the bridge to get an overhead view.

Directions: Starting in Marmora.

  1. Drive West out of Marmora on Highway 7. Turn left onto County Road 50.

  2. Turn right onto 12th line.

  3. Follow to the end of the road and turn right Crowe River Road.

  4. Keep on Crowe River Road and cross the bridge. Please respect the No-Parking signage.


Callaghan Wave (Playspot) Class III

Description: When at the campsite you will see a 3 ft river wide ledge that depending on water levels will either tempt you or have you put in down stream. From here you want to get to the middle of the river. There is a horizon line that comes up pretty fast you want to make sure you a river center in the main flow. As you drop over the horizon line stay center through the first set of waves, this can be quite shallow before the wave. Past the wave, paddle river right to the eddy behind the island. This is the eddy that you will access the wave from. There are several other play features on this rapid with a very forgiving hole just meters down steam. There are no real hazards to a swim here, other then the cold. This play spot is a fast steep wave and seems to keep it’s form at lower water, when Crowe Bridges waves are getting smaller. The take out is on river right and there is a small path along the river that will lead you back to the campsite.

Directions: Starting in Marmora.

  1. Drive West on Highway 7 out of Marmora.

  2. Turn left onto Tiffen Road.

  3. Follow Tiffen Road to the end and turn left onto Callaghan Rapids Road.

  4. Drive until you cannot drive anymore. DO NOT force your vehicle through.

  5. Take the trail to the right along the river down to the campsite (yes there is enough room for a car to turn around).