Council considering service line warranty program

Marmora and Lake - Council heard a presentation from Elise Dostal of the Local Authorities Service (LAS) Service Line Warranty Program at the last meeting of council held June 4. 

The program is being offered to municipalities with a standard rate structure and offers residents the chance to pay monthly for a warranty on their external water and sewer lines and interior plumbing. 

“Often people think certain things are covered under a homeowner policy,” Dostal told council, adding that many homeowners don’t realize that external water and sewer lines on their property are not the responsibility of the municipality. Problems with water and sewer lines can arise from root intrusion, rust, rot, clogs, leaks or frozen pipes.

Insurance policies may cover some water damage costs but can leave homeowners with a hefty bill for water and sewer line repair costs. This is where the Service Line Warranty Program comes into play, she said. 

“As long as people are paying the monthly subscription cost, they would be covered,” Dostal explained. “It’s really designed to eliminate any unexpected costs.”

Residents can opt in or out of the program at any time and can customize the warranty program to fit their needs. 

The warranty program covers up to $5,000 in repair costs for external sewer, $8,000 for external water, and up to $3,000 for interior plumbing. The monthly cost to residents would be $5.00 for water and $7.25 for sewer.  

In the event of an incident, the program provides 24-hour support and will send a licensed and insured contractor to evaluate and fix the issue. 

Dostal explained there is no cost to the municipality, however the program needs to be endorsed by the municipality so residents can sign up through LAS. 

Council did not make a decision at the June 4 meeting but will consider the request. 

Megan AbrahamComment