Affordable housing may be coming to Deloro

Marmora – A local developer is looking to bring affordable housing to the municipality.

Phil Spry of Springale Development Inc. made a delegation to council to ask for its support as he moves through the process of building an apartment complex in the village of Deloro.

Spry has already built a successful affordable housing complex in Belleville, has a project underway in Bancroft, and has already purchased the prospective property in Deloro.

Through a partnership with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation that provides some of his seed funding, Spry said he is able to provide much-needed rental units and combat a housing shortage in Hastings County.

 “This is not social housing, this is not geared-to-income housing,” he explained to council. Rental rates are set by looking at average rental prices published by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and setting affordable housing rates at a maximum of 80% of the average. When Spry receives funding from the corporation, he follows strict criteria when building and operating his housing units.

“What it boils down to is paying $600 to $700 a month for rent,” he said. 

The Deloro project will be a joint venture with other community organizations and not-for-profits. In the past, Spry has worked with organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association and All Together Affordable Housing. Spry’s Belleville building also houses the Quinte Community and Housing First Partnership, “an innovative collaborative approach to providing affordable and supportive housing services.”

The Deloro project will be multi-residential, housing mostly one and two bedroom units. Spry’s buildings exceed the minimum building code, but are simple and modern and don’t incorporate extras like balconies.

In his experience, Spry said better buildings encourage better tenancies and tenants who help maintain the property and take pride in the building.

“It’s an important contribution to the community,” he said. “Once I start this project, I want to make sure it’s a success.”

Council passed a motion to support Spry’s initiatives moving forward as well as his wish to host a public information session.

Megan AbrahamComment