Administrative Department

The Administrative Department is responsible for providing administrative support services, as needed, to Council and to all Municipal Departments.  The Department carries out the statutory duties for the Clerk’s Office, which includes, among other things, preparation of agendas, recording minutes, preparing bylaws, maintaining records, licensing, elections, and maintaining vital statistics.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for financial services, revenue and tax services, water and sewer billings, budget preparation and maintenance and purchasing services. We are responsible for preparation of strategic financial plans; the annual operating budget; the multi-year capital budget; all financial transactions, researching funding opportunities for the Township and appropriate record keeping; tax/water and sewer billing and collection.


You can pay for you taxes, water/sewer, building permits, fire permits, rentals, etc. using the following methods:

  1. In person at the Municipal Office – Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm:
    • Cash
    • Interact
    • Cheque, certified cheque or money order
  2. By Mail to the Municipality of Marmora and Lake, 12 Bursthall St., Marmora, Ontario, K0K2M0
    • Cheque, certified cheque or money order
  3. Online


documents + Forms

  1. Annual Financial Statements (2009-2016)
  2. Taxes: Pre-Authorized Debit Forms
  3. Utilities: Pre-Authorized Debit Forms
  4. 2017 Budget Document: Final
  5. 2018 Current and Capital Budgets
  6. Sale of Land by Public Tender

Commissioner For Taking Affidavits

The Commissioner For Taking Affidavits Act (provincial) designates selected municipal officials as commissioners for taking affidavits. Provision of this service is not always available and the municipal official’s designation as commissioner for taking affidavits may be limited to specific purposes. Those requiring the service of a commissioner are encouraged to call prior to attending the Town Hall to ensure that a municipal official is available.  The telephone number for the Town Hall is 613-472-2629.

The deponent(s) (person swearing the affidavit) must appear and sign the affidavit in front of the commissioner and will be required to produce two pieces of government identification, one with a photo and signature, such as a valid driver’s license.  The fee for this service varies depending on the document and the number of pages that require the commissioner’s signature.

An affidavit must be presented;  the commissioner will not create or edit the affidavit.  If you have questions or need assistance completing the affidavit document, you should contact the party/agency that asked you to complete the form.  The commissioner for taking affidavits cannot counsel or assist deponents with completing the affidavit document.

All information on the affidavit must be filled in before it is sworn and any enclosures mentioned must be attached.  The deponent(s) must have read and understood the contents of the affidavit and the deponent(s) will be asked to swear or declare that the information is correct before signing the document and must sign it in front of the commissioner.

The Municipality of Marmora and Lake cannot certify true copies for the public.  We can only certify our own documents as set out in the Municipal Act, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits Act, and the Ontario and Federal Evidence Act. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tax Rates: See Bylaws

For more information contact:

Typhany Choinard, CAO  613-472-2629 ext 2227